Music has always been one of the major parts of human existence portraying healing abilities. Replicating emotions, music has found its way into every division of a society. With the emergence of new technologies in a short period of time, a need for quality music arose.

An interest in music and its equipment was the spark that led to the small audio installation startup that raged to be one of the prominent and renowned companies in the market.

The founder of Zacs and Phils, Manu Philip started the company in 2014 with a goal of delivering and installing the best quality audio equipment at a time when rented or installed audio systems lacked its key elements. Fueled by fathomless determination and extensive hard work they set out to achieve their goal. Their first audio integration was an unfinished ernst and young studio project. The project was subcontracted to Manu Philip noting the company’s implementation skills. The install turned out to be a success with a perfect output.

Zacs and Phils aimed at implementing advanced audio technologies and bringing down the stereotypical view towards a normal audio system that prevailed in our society. During the company’s initial stages, they experienced innumerable limitations considering many barriers.

The first office of Zacs and Phils was a shared space with a well wisher RDX interactive, a software development company in Infopark Kochi. The equipment was purchased locally from retail outlets. They began expanding their business through small installs in churches and studios working tirelessly towards attaining their aim by reaching a larger audience.

The year 2016, served as a blessed year as Zacs and Phils had its big break on receiving the project of CSI Immanuel Cathedral Installation. As a result of delivering a flawless audio system with a guarantee of free service for one year, the company rose to greater heights leaving a mark in history. They also secured alliance with Alphatec audio video private limited- then, the all india distributors for music group world’s seventh largest audio company the same year.

Working towards bringing revolutionary changes in implementation of audio systems, Zacs and Phils brought about the first install of tannoy column array speakers in Kerala in the year 2020.

In 2023, the company moved into partnership with Jeevan George Zachariah, Managing director APAC Asia Pacific with a motor manufacturing company based in the USA. The expansion of the company was a main requirement in accordance with the increasing demand. Thus the foundation was laid for Frisson, a home audio experience center implemented with world renowned brands in audio.

With more than 30 installs out of which about 20 are house of worship installs in 6 districts in kerala and 1 in chennai, Zacs and Phils is aspiring in their field. The employees and engineers provide well cut systems and service. Zacs and Phils is readily working towards executing new methods and strategies in audio integration.