Recording Studio Installation

Whether this is your hobby or profession Zacs N' Phils provides turnkey recording studio design, build, acoustics & installation services to create a world-class commercial or professional studio. We help you in create neutral, accurate environments for mixing and mastering rooms. Our specialities are acoustical design, audio design, audio set-up, low frequency optimization, and installation. Zacs N' Phils regularly consults the industry’s most recognizable musicians and facilities, all of whom place their trust in us because they know we could help them sound their best.
Zacs N' Phils with its much-admired team of recording studio designers, builders and acousticians, cater for commercial and domestic clients, building high performance spaces within realistic budget constraints and just as importantly on time! We create perfect studio for recording, mixing, composing and mastering, Integrating all types of control surfaces, keyboards and monitors to create a perfectly ergonomic recording studio furniture.