Equipment Rental

Implementing the latest in digital technology for live music events enables us to provide superb sound and lighting quality. With experienced, skilled, engineers/technicians/and passionate Managers who have lent their talents to various projects in diverse locations across the country ensures smooth, on time quality service that allows smallest stress to all parties involved. Years of practice permits us to foresee and recognize many challenges encountered when developing an event. We share valuable insights to help achieve goals with cost effective solutions.
We operate as a single source for all concert audio, lighting equipment needs. Our inventory features the most superior commercial audio gears ever shaped. Zacs N' Phils is dedicated to providing customers with industry-leading sound reinforcement rental equipment, Storming lighting system from top manufacturers around the globe. We maintain a full roster of the industry’s best digital consoles, and concentrate in providing gears to meet even the most sensitive technical riders. We cater for concerts, wedding, corporate, Festivals, DJ Shows etc..