Pro Audio Installation

Zacs and Phils always strives to achieve our core objective which is to provide top- notch service to all our clients in every type of installation that we do according to the requirements. Pro audio installation opens an entirely new aspect of sound that the client can feel. It is our mission to bring this to our customers without any defect. Our long years of experience in this field with a team of ardent experts who work on optimal acoustical solutions boosts our efforts to achieve our main objective and helps us on our path to achieve our mission.

Garden speakers

Listening to your favorite sports commentary while gardening and playing music while spending time outside isn’t out of reach anymore. Our installation services extend to a wide range of outdoor/garden speakers which have been developed by connoisseurs of sound to deliver faultless audio quality while withstanding outdoor weather conditions. Bring your entertainment with you outdoors with speakers that are designed to blend in with the shrubbery and landscaping.

Weather Proof (IP65 / EN 54 certified)

Zacs and phils also provide installations of speakers that are specifically designed to be weather-proof. These speakers are most suited for stereo or mono background/foreground music applications in theme parks, hotels, restaurants and bars, retail stores, as well as corporate AV, residential developments and houses of worship. The components with which they are made are weather resistant and they withstand moderate weather conditions which include dust, moisture and smoke. This property, along with the EN 54-24 certification for fire detection and fire alarm systems makes these products the most appropriate choice in places where safety is a priority. They are also an ideal solution in environments such as swimming pools and saunas.

Line array Technology

Line array technology to produce extremely powerful systems with maximum dynamic impact delivering unsurpassed sound coverage consistency across the audience with unprecedented control for hard cut off areas and suppression of unwanted noise pollution. The key to a line array is that the speakers face slightly different vertical angles, allowing them to consistently cover a greater depth of field than a single PA speaker can. The effect is that people experience similar sound whether they’re in the back rows, the middle, or the front of the venue, providing a better experience for everyone in the venue.

Discussion / Conference System

Clear communication among all the members attending a meeting is a quintessential part of any conference or meeting; be it in a corporate, educational or administration setting. A system that delivers consistent sound quality across the room notwithstanding the room size or the acoustics is key to achieve this. We provide installations of a choice of portable or permanent discussion units that combine the microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, and user controls in an integrated system. This consists of the chairman Unit, delegate unit, and the controller unit, of which both digital and analogue versions are at the ready.

Digitally Steerable Column Array

Digitally Steerable Powered Column Array Loudspeakers are truly the most flexible and powerful devices with Independently Controlled Drivers Integrated DSP and BeamEngine that provide limpid and crystal clear sound to even the most taxing acoustic environments. They are at their best as solutions in places with challenging acoustics which might include houses of worship, transportation hubs, convention centers, conference facilities, shopping malls, performing arts centers and museums. They seamlessly blend in with the surrounding architecture.