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  • Purpose of this note: This note is presented to record our satisfaction and appreciation to the Audio Products installed in our Church, The St Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Pattoor, Trivandrum, India.
    Delay Speakers: Tannoy VLS15 : 2 nos
    Subwoofers : Turbosound M18B
    Mixer: Behringer X32
    Power Amplifiers: Labgruppen PDX3000 2 nos
    Audio Technica ATW-13F : 1 nos
    Audio Technica PRO49QL : 2 nos
    Audio Technica AT8662 : 2 Nos
    Stage Monitors:Choir : Behringer DR110DSP
    Stage Monitors:Altar : PK112A
    DI Boxes : Behringer - DI100 : 2 Nos
    Processor : Behringer DCX2496 : 1 nos

    During our inquiry into the best Audio System to be installed in our new Church, we zeroed-in on the above combination of Equipment/components and got in touch with Zacs and Phils, AV Integrators from, Kochi. We had tested and reviewed a live performance in one of the earlier installed Churches, the Latin Catholic Basilica, The Basilica of Our lady of Mount Carmel & St Joseph, popularly known as Varapuzha Basilica in Kochi, Ernakulam District, Kerala.

    We got in touch with the dealer and we were offered a perfect combination of the above components by the agencies’ Director Mr Manu Philip. We held several on-line meetings with him due to Covid protocols. Finally, as we presume, we were offered a competitive price and an excellent Service by the Dealer. Drawings were handed-over to the dealer and they had in-turn produced Shop-drawings.

    Finally, we got it installed during 24th Aug 2021 with specialist installation personnel from the dealer. Acoustic Insulation was installed by us, the Church, based on the acoustic studies.

    The production of Audio, that is the Vocal sermons of the Priest, the Keyboard Music with Choir-vocal Singers’ audio production sounded the most awesome with excellent clarity, depth and effects. What we needed, we finally got, in the most beautiful combination.

    The after-Sales and post-installation service by M/s Zacs and Phils had been perfect by all means. We are happy to recommend them and the said combination to any Client, known to us.

    Manoj Kurian Koshy
    Construction Committee Member
    St Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Pattoor, Trivandrum
    Former Head, Construction Projects & Maintenance, LULU GROUP, Muscat, Sultanate of OMAN.
  • Jersualem Mar thoma Church, Nanthencode, Trivandrum, Kerala is a parish belonging to the Trivandrum- Quilon diocese of Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church. The parish has close to 440 families and has completed 48 years as a worshipping community in the heart of Trivandrum city.
    The church was using a sound system that was installed around 15 years back and we were trying to change the very long used system for quite some time. The required budget was included in the financial year 2022-2023 to buy a new system. But it was not an easy task to get an expert to do installation of the state of the art. We had many challenges ahead. Exhaustive search had been carried out to find a good system integrator to do the job. Approached a few consultants who are close to the church. But they could not bring out a viable solution and no one was promising to deliver a system within the time frame stipulated by us. hen through one of our priests we came to know about M/s Zacs N Phils and learnt that they are specialists in Church audio systems. We contacted Mr. Manu Philip of M/s Zacs N Phils and he visited the church on 04 December 2022. We presented our requirements and made clear that the system shall deliver clearly intelligible speech and music, shall have operational convenience and shall complement the interior aesthetics of our church. Many rounds of discussions, doubt clearances and technical evaluations happened. The team proposed three solutions considering the interior layout and acoustic of the church and from that we converged on the one that was best meeting our requirements.
    The systems were delivered on time as promised and the installation work commenced on 27-02-2023 Monday. We had to finish all the activities such as the conduiting of all the cables, placing the speakers, mounting all the amplifiers in an industrial rack, tuning the systems and making every thing ready before the next Sunday service on 05-03-2023. Though appeared difficult all the activities were finished by Saturday courtesy the expertise of the team from M/s Zacs N Phils.
    The ingtegration of Audio-technica mics, Tannoy speakers, Turbosound subwoofers, Behringer monitors, Behringer mixer and Labgruppen amplifiers were systematically and meticulously planned and executed by the team from M/s Zacs N Phils. Their work revealed the professional experience and competence they have in delivering such high end sound systems. As secretary of the church I would like to thank the entire team who participated in the integration and completed it timely. Also I would like to mention here that the team members interacted with the church office bearers and our technical advisors in very cordial and pleasant manner. Thanks to Mr.Manu Philip, Mr.Ronnie Roy, Mr. Sudheer K H, Mr. Ismail P K, Mr. Babu P K, Mr.Shibu Jose Anjiliparambil all from M/S Zacs N Phils, Mr.Titus Obadiah Audio engineer from Chennai and Mr.Alvin Kurian from M/s Alphatech Pvt Ltd for their tireless efforts in delivering and integrating the whole system.
    A new era has dawned. It is a new platform to sing together , worship the Most High, enhance our talents with the surround effect of the newly installed Sound System. Glory to God in the Highest.
    Anil Abraham Samuel
    (Parish Secretary Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church, Nanthencode)
    Jersualem Mar thoma Church, Nanthencode, Trivandrum
  • Thank you for your hardwork and timely interventions to make us musical and rhythamic. My appreciation is also to your entire team for their sincere efforts in placing everything intact.
    May God bless you and the enterprise run by you.
    Rev.Philip George
    Vicar St. Thomas Marthoma Syrian Church
    St. Thomas Marthoma Syrian Church, Pattoor, Thiruvananthapuram
  • It was really an outstanding experience while finalizing the audio system for St. Michael 's Church at Chembumukku. The confidence we had about the audio plan was just caused by the professionalism of Zacs and Phils, the Audio integration company. It was the careful and dedicated approach from Mr. Manu Philip the System Integrator that made everything fast, smooth and possible.
    The scientific evaluation of the plan of the Church building was done in a proper way. Only then from their clear understanding of the acoustic characteristics of the Church building they sketched the audio plan for the Church. The audio plan was submitted in the most beautiful way. The plan was a well printed one having each and every spec of audio devices. The selection of Digital Console, Drive Rack, Speakers, Microphones ,etc. were the best and proper ones for the Church sound.
    After the completion of an impeccable cabling the speakers and other devices of the audio system were carefully installed. The calibration was done in the most scientific way.
    Now the gigantic structure of the Church is having the best sound in the whole Kerala. The speech clarity is so good and free from all bad reflections.
    There is a lot to describe the efficiency of Zacs and Phils Audio integration company but I conclude by saying in short that they are outstanding in advising and executing heavy audio solutions.
    Fr. Rex Joseph Arakkaparambil
    The sound consultant
    Archdioces of Verapoly, Kerala, INDIA
  • It was our Pleasure to work with Mr Manu Philip of Zac And Phils for the Restoration work of the Basilica of Mount Carmel and St Joseph Church Varapuzha, the Church is around 350 years old and 7000 sqft of area Gothic style
    We approached Zacs and Phils and they suggested rather introduced us to Tannoy and other systems placed now in the church. The sound system was crisp and clear, looked good and was easy to use . The priests, Choir and the audience are thrilled about it as the assembly building sound system is the most vital factor.
    The speeches and songs are clear wherever we are in the church. speakers are placed outside the doors too so that during crowded times those near the doors are not left out. Zac and Phils gave us excellent options suiting our budget. Their service and delivery was exemplary. We will proudly recommend their products and services to all our clients and wish them well in their future endeavours.
    Ar Riya Zacharias
    Principal Architect
    Raspberry Design Architects, Kochi
  • Zacs and Phils did a great job! Very professional and high quality work. They spent a lot of time consulting with us to ensure of the deliverence of quality clear sound that envelops the entire congregation leading to an uplifting experience
    Renji Varkey
    Choir Master / Secretary
    CSI Immanuel Cathedral Broadway Ernakulam , Kerela India
  • It is with great delight that I write these words in appreciation of the sterling services of Mr. Manu Philip of Zacs and Phils. I have known Manu since 2017, when he first came to install a new and high-quality sound system at our Parish (St. Peter's Mar Thoma Church, Aluva). What I appreciate most about him is his professionalism, courteous behaviour, commitment, and prompt and efficient responses.
    The system he installed is working perfectly and, I belive, it has enriched the quality of the Worship service and the services of the choir enormously. He and his team would come periodically to inspect and ensure that the system is working as it should, which indicates his commitment to excellence. The promptness and attention to detail during installation and servicing is superb.
    I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr. Manu Philip to any institution that is looking for a high quality music/sound system. And I wish him all the very best in his endeavors.
    Dr. T. Thomas Philip M.Sc, Ph.D, PDF
    (Former Principal UC College Aluva)
    Choir Master and Organist, St. Peter's Mar Thoma Church, U.C.College, Aluva
  • “Extraordinary , technical expertise, and professionalism. For several years now, Zacs and Phils has been our first choice to serve our audio needs. They are by far the best company we have worked with because of their knowledge, insight, attention to detail, and personal touch. I would highly recommend Zacs and Phils to anyone needing help with their sound installation in house of worship.“
    Rajan David
    Global Head , ROSS & MOUNT Machinery Pvt Ltd
    Construction Commttee Convenor St. Thomas Syro Malabar Church, St Thomas Mount, Chennai